Chip 004
Release 5/16/2008
Circulation 79636
Rarity Supercommon
Type Mini-Game

Thursday is the fourth chip in the chipendium.


As police surround the YAP! Industries Labs in the fourth chapter of the Sitekick Saga, Dr. Frantic creates a device to teach language to the Sitekick in the hopes the revolutionary robot can plead its own case to the authorities and ultimately win them over. With its language education nearly finished, Dr. Frantic asks you to complete the Sitekick’s training by teaching it four-letter words.

Of interest: many players found the Four-Letter Word game very challenging! A great tip is to rely on groups of words that share 3-letter endings, like “all,” “ell,” “ill,” “ame,” and “are.” Use those rhyming skills!

Also, no off-screen police officers were harmed in the making of this Chip.

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