Chip 6
Release 7/1/2009
Circultaion 20068
Rarity Supercommon
Type Mini-Game

Saturday is the sixth chip in the chipendium. It is the last mini-game to Dr. Frantic's adventure, known as the Saga.


When you and the Sitekick return from the past in the final chapter of the Sitekick Saga, Dr. Frantic has been devoured by the villainous mutant fish. The slightly altered time machine now enables you to revisit every other Saga chapter to build a collection of Chips to battle the fish and save Dr. Frantic from his eventual doom. Players who complete the Sitekick Saga will unlock a feature that enables them to custom-colour their robot.

Of interest: the cause-and-effect battle that concludes the Sitekick Saga is a classic story climax. Look for it in the classic story Puss in Boots, the Disney movie The Sword in the Stone, and the classic adventure game King’s Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder.

In the final scene, look for the gravy stain on Dr. Frantic’s tuxedo, which he mentions at the beginning of the first chapter. Looks like he never had it cleaned!

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