Chip 5
Release 5/21/2008
Circulation 77396
Rarity Supercommon
Type Mini-Game

Friday is the fifth chip in the chipendium.


The Sitekick’s newfound ability to speak has landed YAP! Industries Labs in a heap of trouble in the fifth chapter of the Sitekick Saga. The only thing of value Dr. Frantic has ever owned is an exotic fish that’s been belly-up since Monday! It’s up to you and the Sitekick to travel back in time to pluck a single scale from the fish and save Dr. Frantic from the collectors. But time travel is tricky business, and things might not be the same when you return…

Of interest: note Dr. Frantic’s design for the Sitekick is doodled on a beach ball; the red vat of mysterious alien ooze comes into play in other games; and the sketchbook on the wall is filled with scans of actual Sitekick concept drawings by the design team.

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